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Astrology is part of the “old world” and was successfully used for centuries to help nations, leaders and individuals navigate their way through the mysteries of events that affect our lives. By mastering and following its basic principles, Astrology can be an incredibly useful map and guide for personal development. It has been used in the field of human psychology and broader human affairs alike. It is also a key tool in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and has been used for centuries.

There is no better way of assessing your pyscho-spiritual Constitution than Astrology.

  • It provides layers of insight into your psyche that no other tool can.
  •  It addresses both your conscious sense of self as well as your subconscious reactive self that is much harder to reach.
  •  It helps you understand why you are you and why you see the world so differently to others.

If you approach Astrology with an open mind, it is a perfect lens to help you peer into layers of your psyche that are almost unknowable by your conscious self.

From my experience, the more you learn to trust it, the more it reveals and keeps revealing over time.

Astrology uses a variety of methods that on the surface may seem illogical or contradictory. This is because its laws are not rooted in the material world so it does not follow the usual laws of perception. It appeals to a higher mind and more subtle intellect. It was revered by some great names including Carl Jung because it works. No one yet knows exactly why, but it does.

All systems of Astrology refer to the planets in our solar system, the signs of the zodiac, the houses in which the planets fall and the relationships they have with each other. I trained extensively in western Astrology and that is what I teach. I am aware of the basic tenets of Jyotish (Indian Astrology) and draw upon its teaching too but there are many technical aspects of Jyotish that I do not use. The two systems are based on different astronomical references but the essential nature of an individual shines through both systems regardless.

I co-run workshops and retreats in Astrology with Anne Ashton, an experienced and high skilled psychotherapist.

We will be running a one day workshop in central London on April 6th 2019 and a weekend retreat in September 2019.

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