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Astrology is part of the “old world” and was successfully used for centuries to help nations, leaders and individuals navigate their way through the mysteries of events that affect our lives. By mastering and following its basic principles, Astrology can be an incredibly useful map and guide for personal development. It has been used in the field of human psychology and broader human affairs alike. It is also a key tool in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and has been used for centuries.

There is no better way of assessing your pyscho-spiritual Constitution than Astrology.

  • It provides layers of insight into your psyche that no other tool can.
  •  It addresses both your conscious sense of self as well as your subconscious reactive self that is much harder to reach.
  •  It helps you understand why you are you and why you see the world so differently to others.

If you approach Astrology with an open mind, it is a perfect lens to help you peer into layers of your psyche that are almost unknowable by your conscious self.

From my experience, the more you learn to trust it, the more it reveals and keeps revealing over time.

Astrology uses a variety of methods that on the surface may seem illogical or contradictory. This is because its laws are not rooted in the material world so it does not follow the usual laws of perception. It appeals to a higher mind and more subtle intellect. It was revered by some great names including Carl Jung because it works. No one yet knows exactly why, but it does.

All systems of Astrology refer to the planets in our solar system, the signs of the zodiac, the houses in which the planets fall and the relationships they have with each other. I trained extensively in western Astrology and that is what I teach. I am aware of the basic tenets of Jyotish (Indian Astrology) and draw upon its teaching too but there are many technical aspects of Jyotish that I do not use. The two systems are based on different astronomical references but the essential nature of an individual shines through both systems regardless.

Astrology is a language we use to try and explain the relationship between the world around us and the cosmos our world is woven into. There is undoubtedly a co-relation between what happens here on earth and rest of the solar system. Our ancestors took note of their findings and soon began to use them to improve their lives. There was, so to speak, a time and a place for everything. In today’s scientific world, we have more reliable methods for measuring and understanding the laws that govern nature and are tempted to dismiss Astrology as an outdated system based on superstition and speculation. However, when you take the time to test Astrology, it becomes as evident as the nose on your face that there is something to it. It is a symbolic map of life hidden in plain view. Astrology teaches us about the nature of symbol and reveals and extraordinary pattern to reality that has existed under our very noses.

It is important to understand that the “stars incline but do not compel”. We can learn to recognise the cosmic weather patterns both externally in the world around us as well as within our own internal landscape. There are multiple cycles at work in our lives that do not belong to us but are equally a part of in the way we choose to live. In the words of Scott Peck, Life is difficult and Astrology can teach us to navigate through life more skilfully and help us to understand the symbolic nature of our difficulties. By learning Astrology, we come to the instinctive realisation that there is a higher purpose at work and we gradually learn how to unlock our own potential.

The gift of a symbol is that it can relate to a whole family of ideas. The Sun for example does not only represent our creative light, but also our physical heart, our father (our source) and our future. It represents our hero’s journey towards self-realisation.

We each have a birth chart that is a snap shot of the cosmos from the point of view of the date, time and place of our birth. It is a unique chart though much fascinating research has been done on the charts of twins born within minutes of each other in the same location.

Personal Consultations

I would be delighted to offer you an astrological consultation. I currently charge £90 for a 60 minute consultation.

What I offer

I can give you a deeper insight into your Prakrti or Constitution. The innate impulses of your psyche,, the difficulties that may arise from those impulses and strategies to help manage those difficulties. We all have impulses in relation to love, work, money, friends etc and astrology can really help us understand ourselves better. Astrology helps us to become aware of what is us and what is not us. It gives us a glimpse into our whole psyche whether we are conscious or not. We often grow into our charts over a long period of time in the sense that we are constantly evolving and maturing. A consultation can help us find the best possible version of ourselves as we are now.

What I do not offer

I do not offer predictive astrology. If you are looking for concrete information about love, children, money, fame etc then I am not the astrologer for you.There are many astrologers who use the art in this way but this is not what I do.

Courses and Workshops

If you prefer to learn astrology for yourself, I run introductory courses on how to interpret a birth chart. The next course will run online.

Upcoming Events

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