Ayurveda Testimonials

"I have been a patient of Tarik's Ayurvedic Practice for several years and also attended one of his yoga course. I have been most impressed by Tarik's diagnostic skills, breadth of treatment repertoires and flexible approach to the health challenges his patients encounter in their daily lives. This is all coupled with a sensitive, empathic approach that emphasises the importance of the healing relationship. Tarik is constantly updating his clinical knowledge and skills to offer treatments that best meet his patients unique needs. I have no hesitation in recommending him to you."

Steve Ryan

"Where I was at a complete loss of how to reclaim healthy digestion Tarik's genuine interest and experience took over. I'd heard of Ayurveda and once been very disappointed but my guts forced me back. Before I'd been juggling prescribed steroids, antibiotics and lactulose for weeks, unsure why so much was wrong but feeling worse and losing weight each day. I'd become convinced nothing could be done but came to Tarik desperate to relieve a severe bout of IBS that had been restricting my life for years. I noticed immediate results from a very detailed treatment plan and 5 weeks on I'm amazed at how different I feel and still surprised as I learn what works for me and what I can do for myself. Tarik won't just look at you, pack you off with herbs and want to see you again - he'll teach you invaluable techniques to take away, want to keep constantly updated with your progress, email answers to your questions, come up with recipes and give you the moral support essential to get you back on track. Honestly, no matter what your complaint, book yourself a free 15min consultation and then look at your options."

Phil Mcgee

"I would like to say your Ayurveda yoga treatments have helped to change my life. The diet has ensured my health problems are being managed effectively without the need for drugs and the detox has ensured my energy levels are returning."


"I did Tarik's Ayurvedic detox and I have to say after finishing it it is the best I have felt and looked in years, I would highly recommend it if you want to live a longer healthier and happier life."

Steve Mullins
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