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Ayurvedic Survival Guide

Ayurvedic Survival Guide by Tarik Dervish What does it mean to survive in the 21st century?Our model of life is rapidly changing. In some ways, it is getting easier. It may surprise you...


IT again- How to fight COVID

IT I find myself in the awkward position of having to talk about IT again!I really wish I could talk about all things sweet and nice, sugar and spice but I can’t. I...


Ayurveda and the Joints

The function of joints in the body is so obvious that we take them for granted. In fact, being able to take any one of the physical functions in our body is...


Ayurveda Afresh

It is important to keep things fresh in our lives.The older we get, the more we are set in our ways and tend to stick with what we know works until, well,...


Christmas Spices

Christmas Spices Herbs and Spices that do more than just spice up your food. . Christmas food includes herbs and spices in abundance but did you know that many culinary spices have therapeutic value too? We...


Hare Yoga Tortoise Yoga

“For those continually tempered by the heat of tapa, hatha yoga is like the hermitage giving protection from the heat. For those always united in yoga, hatha is the basis acting like...


Astrology and our Limited Perspective

Astrology has much to teach us about the Law of Correspondances.Astrology is profound. It presents a model of the cosmos that goes beyond anything modern science can offer. Traditional Astrology follows the...