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Ayurveda Online



The next generation of learning has finally arrived at the BWY!

We are launching the first ever Online BWY Module in Ayurveda and calling it Ayurveda in Action. You will be able to do the course from your own home because a chunk of it will be delivered online.


The programme will launch on March 23rd 2020 and you will have six months to complete the online work. I remember doing correspondence courses in the nineties where you end of receiving a book list with loads of questions to answer and send in. Not anymore. Online courses are now all the rage with an exciting blend of video presentations, slides, live webinar calls, podcast style exercises and ongoing email or cam support.


When I was did my degree in Ayurveda, I could hardly keep my eyes open in the afternoon lectures and it really frustrated me because I didn’t want to miss anything. I would often look back at my notes and realise that I had lost concentration in some crucial areas of the the lecture and had to wait till the following week to clarify points, if at all. The great thing about online training is that you can choose to learn when you are in a positive learning state, so you are receptive at all time. What’s more, you can listen to the lecture as many times as you like or just take in the information in ten-minute chunks. I wish I had had that option then!



We get so many enquiries from students around the country asking us if we will be running a Module near them and though we would love to take our course on tour, we are limited in what we can offer. In fact, we are still running our traditional six-day course in Northampton next September at the beautiful Jasmine Trust so if you are keen to do it the traditional way, you can still sign up for that.


But what about everywhere else? Well that is one big reason why we wanted to develop this programme. Ayurveda no longer remains something that happens in and around London like everything else. It becomes something everyone can learn and benefit from. Our live weekends are not even compulsory if you are not bothered about gaining a certificate, but we would love to meet you in person and a live weekend would certainly be on the cards somewhere near you eventually.

But don’t you lose out on the teacher student relationship?

This is one thing I am personally very passionate about. I do not believe you can learn yoga properly online despite its growing popularity. I believe you need to be witnessed, observed and guided personally by an experienced eye. This is why we have the live weekends where students get together in real time in a real place and share their understanding of the teaching so far. You will learn all the skills-based work in a live hall with two experienced tutors. This includes Yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra and bandha. It also includes live discussions and sharing work you have done online.

In our previous six day model, you would spend at least half a day, listening to lectures on ayurvedic philosophy. We have taken away that burden and put it all online so for us it is a win-win situation.

We get to offer you more, know that you are actually learning through our quizzes and exercises and then get to interact with you live when you book onto a live weekend.

You will be able to watch and listen to lectures on:

The five elements

Three doshas

Twenty gunas

Daily and seasonal routines

Ayurvedic anatomy and physiology

The role of Agni and Aama (toxins)

The theory of Marma (pressure points)

And a lot more.


What do you get out of it?

Once you’ve completed the whole thing, including the live weekend, you will get a BWY Ayurveda in Action Online Module certificate which you can pin onto your wall and use to attract more students to your classes if you are teacher. If you are just using the course for personal development, then this course may change your life and the lives of those around you.


We have seen it happen many times so we know how powerful these teachings can be.


If you are interested in being part of this exciting pilot course, then please do get in touch and we will send you a student prospectus.





BWY Ayurveda Module

Traditional 6 day training

The AYURVEDA Module is accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga. This exciting 6 day course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to Yoga practice from an Ayurvedic perspective. It is ideal for Yoga teachers or aspiring Yoga teachers wishing to introduce Ayurvedic concepts into their teaching; for Yoga Therapy practitioners wishing to apply Ayurveda to their work and for general Yoga practitioners who are interested in Ayurveda.

The course will cover the Basic principles of Ayurveda and apply those principles to a wide range of practices used in the teaching of Yoga today.

This course is also delivered as a blended programme which combines online content with a live training weekend which will take place twice a year. The course will be co- run by myself and my esteemed colleague Cathy Mae, an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner.

You will learn about:

5 elements

3 doshas

7 Dhatus

14 groups of Srotas or systems of the body

Ojas, Tejas and Prana, the essences of the Doshas

The links between Asana and Ayurveda

and a lot more!

Here is some feedback from past students:

“A very enjoyable, informative course that included all the basics for future study.” Anita

“I liked the fact that I didn’t have to write a lot of essays!” Irina

“Tarik is an amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge that he happily shares with everyone. He makes students feel very at ease which creates a great atmosphere for learning.” Susan

“Tarik provided clear guidelines into the world of Ayurveda which I will be able to use in my daily life. It helped me to recognise the early signs of disease which Western medicine doesn’t pay attention to. Thank you so much!” Helena

Click here to download a student pack

Upcoming Events

March 22 @ 10:00 am - May 4 @ 5:00 pm

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