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BWYQ Certificate in Teaching Yoga (RQF)

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British Wheel of Yoga Certificate in Yoga Teaching

Our one year training programme covers the foundations of Yoga teaching skills to prepare students for all the important skills required to become a safe and competent teacher.

The Certificate in Yoga Teaching is designed to meet the needs of aspiring Yoga teachers who need the basic skills to start running general classes for the public at large. You will learn all the essential skills like:

Course planning

Lesson planning

Posture profiling

Legal aspects


and the basic philosophy that underpins modern Yoga practice. It is a very practical course that will equip you with all the tools you need to confidently get out there and teach. The course will last around 9-12 months and will run on Saturdays and Sundays roughly every month during term time from 10-5.00pm.

This course will be co- run with my esteemed colleague Cathy Mae. As we are both Ayurvedic practitioners, there will be a lot of references to Ayurveda on this programme. For this reason, we are inviting students to gain a background in the basic principles of Ayurveda either before or during the programme. The best way to do this is to attend BWY accredited blended Module immediately before the Teacher Training Programme. All the underpinning knowledge of Ayurveda will be delivered online via videos and lectures and the course will culminate in a live weekend in London where you will integrate all the skilled based learning.

This qualification consists of 5 units:

Unit 1: Applied anatomy and physiology and the teaching of Asana

Unit 2: Yoga breathing practices and relaxation

Unit 3: Planning for teaching and the Responsibilities of a Yoga teacher

Unit 4: Planning and Delivering a Yoga Course

Unit 5: Teaching Asana: observation, adjustment and protection of vulnerable areas of the body.

In addition, students are expected to have an understanding of anatomy and physiology at Level 3 via the BWY Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga Teachers online course or equivalent.

Ideally you will also have done a few years of Yoga and a BWY Foundation course or similar and be able to commit to hard work for the duration of the course!

Here are the dates for your diary:

February 1st: Introductory Day followed by 24 training days:

28/29 March 2020

25/26 April

4 day retreat 11-14 June 2020

4/5 July

19/20 September

10/11 October

7/8 November

5/6 Dec

February 6th and 7th  2021

February 27th and 28th 2021

March 13th and 14th 2021

Here is some feedback from past students:
“The tutors delivered the course in a professional and interesting way. I have learned a lot!” Adriana
“I really appreciated the emphasis on safety and kindness.” Adriana M
“I’m not sure what I would change. My experience of the training was excellent!” Amanda
“The best feature fo the course is that we are allowed to start teaching from the start of the course (after completing our Emergency First Aid training which only took a day!) This gave me the opportunity to gain teaching experience throughout the course. I also liked the fact that we were constantly being assessed in class in small tasks which gave me the opportunity to continuously learn and grow.” Anu
If you are interested in finding out more or looking to receive a student pack
Click here to download a Student pack for the Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training Programme

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