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BWYQ INTEGRATION/PROGRESSION COURSE leading to a BWYQ Diploma in Yoga Teaching

Who is this course for?

  1. BWY teachers who have attained a BWY Certificate course and wish to progress towards a full BWYQ Diploma in Yoga Teaching.
  2. Non- BWY Yoga teachers who wish to attain a BWYQ Diploma in Yoga Teaching.



The course is a regulated course and meet the stringent requirements of Ofqual so is widely recognised if you need to present your qualification in field such as education, health etc.



The aim and intention of the course is to offer two simultaneous action strands which will mould together to bring about certification in the BWYQ Diploma:


The course will run in two stages-

  1. Induction for teachers who have been trained to teach yoga by schools other than the BWY. This will be an intensive weekend of study that focusses on all the key areas of learning in the BWY Certificate followed by a guided period of evidence gathering in the following key areas of competence-
  • Course and Lesson planning
  • Legal and professional aspects of Yoga teaching
  • Assessed Teaching of Asana and Basic breathing to a mixed level group
  1. Progression for existing BWY teachers who have achieved a BWYT or BWYQ Certificate and wish to gain the Diploma. You will join the course after the induction process.


Entry requirements:

  1. Anyone with an existing qualification in yoga teaching (minimum one-year course of 160 Guided Learning Hours), plus proof of having taught 18 months/75 hours post qualification.
  2. Anyone who previously attended up to Unit 3 of a BWY Diploma course but did not finalise their qualification, plus proof of having taught 18 months/75 hours.
  3. Anyone with a non-BWY Yoga qualification who has taught for 18 months/75 hours post qualification.

Structure of the programme

 Introductory Day– Anyone interested in the programme.

Induction programme

  1. Build a portfolio of evidence of existing qualifications and skills pertaining to Yoga teaching. You will receive a detailed breakdown of what you need to produce. (Approx. 10 guided learning hours). This process maps your existing skills, knowledge and understanding to give credence and validation to your previous study and qualifications
  1. Attend an online interview. (45 mins)
  2. Organise a yoga class that includes asana, breathing and relaxation that we can assess. (60-90mins plus 30 mins feedback- 120 mins)
  3. Attend a live two-day induction course. (14 hours)


Progression course

  1. Attend 12 training days (84 hours). Six days will be delivered live and six days will be delivered online via Zoom. This may change depending on government restrictions.
  2. Complete assignments related to the following key areas of learning-
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • Upanishads
  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Teaching Asana to a mixed level group with good proficiency
  • Teaching subtle practices including – Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha and Meditation


The course will be co-tutored – and enables you to draw on a range of knowledge as well as the opportunity to share your skills and experience.


The Live training days will be held in Central at London Rehearsal Space, Moorgate, London.

Please CLICK HERE for a link to the location.


One of the fundamental elements offered in the course is the complementary way in

which all candidates will be given support to fulfil outcomes to satisfy the assessment

criteria of the qualification (see Content and Overview). We will be encouraging participants to share their own unique experiences and work around that to suit the needs of the individual.


Course fees and possible costs are laid out on page 4 (excluding the purchase of course books).


Blended Learning

All the live teaching elements of the programme will be delivered face to face.

Some of the philosophical components of the training will be delivered via zoom.



We are mindful that further government restriction may affect the delivery of the course. If this is the case, we will deliver more of the days online as required to ensure that we adhere to the government guidelines and recommendations.


You will receive information before the course to help develop the following –

  1. A detailed outline of the BWYQ Diploma in Yoga Teaching.
  2. Outline of key BWY policies


It also details the ongoing steps of –

  1. Instigating appointments for personal professional discussions prior to course commencement
  2. Setting up times and places for us to review your class teaching (ACT 1). This will engender RPL in some areas of assessment.



The course is non-graded with the emphasis on competence to teach yoga.   Evidence of meeting requirements of assignments will be through a variety of means including discussion, worksheets, written work. As well as completing such assignments you will be observed on your teaching as a means of providing evidence of your application of your skills and knowledge.


All who teach, however experienced, can benefit from a review of what they do. Some of the teaching during the course will be informally assessed, but where it is a formal teaching practice assessment you will receive a ‘pass or refer’.  If a piece of your work is referred, you can resubmit the assignment when the necessary amendments have been made. Your tutors will support and advise you through this process


Course Dates

 Introductory Day- Sunday May 9th 2021 (TBC)


INDUCTION Part 1Saturday June 12th 2021ONLINE
INDUCTION Part 2Sunday June 13thLIVE
Day 1Saturday Sept 18thONLINE
Day 2Sunday Sept 19thONLINE
Day 3Sunday Oct 3RDLIVE
Day 4Saturday Nov 6THONLINE
Day 5Sunday Dec 5thLIVE
Day 6Sunday Jan 22nd 2022LIVE
Day 7Saturday Feb 26thONLINE
Day 8Sunday Feb 27thLIVE
Day 9Saturday March 26thONLINE
Day 10Sunday March 27thLIVE
Day 11Sunday April 24thTBC
Day 12Sunday May 22ndTBC





Introductory Day£50
Integration students (Non-BWY- extra 20-hour integration process plus two assessed class teaching£2199
Progression students (already passed a BWYT/Q Certificate in Teaching Yoga)

Includes one final assessed class teaching

BWYQ Registration fees£100


You will also need to cost in the following-

  1. Emergency First Aid Training (usually around £100 for a one-day training)
  2. Yoga Books (see recommended book list
  3. Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 qualification (BWY online course is £25)



About the Tutors


Wendy Haring

Wendy is a qualified and experienced Yoga Teacher/trainer, currently the chair of BWY Training committee. She began as an Iyengar teacher and has studied with many schools of yoga, more recently with the teachings of Krishnamacharya and studying at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai for over 20 years. She is a trained Vedic Chant teacher. Her approach to teaching is a pragmatic one, and encourages students to experience fully the benefits of yoga through praqctice.  For more information see website www.wendyoga.co.uk


Tarik Dervish

Tarik is a qualified and experienced Yoga Teacher/Trainer and Ayurvedic practitioner. Apart from the Teacher Training course, he also co-tutors the BWY accredited Ayurveda Module with Cathy Mae. He also runs an Ayurveda clinic in Kings Cross and workshops in Yoga and Ayurveda all over the country. He is a contributor to the successful book Yoga Teaching Handbook and the recently released Yoga Student Handbook. He has been teaching Yoga since 1997 and has had a wide variety of trainings from Iyengar, Satyananda, Sivananda and more recently Scaravelli traditions. His main approach is to help students establish a sound physical practice that is appropriate for their Constitution as a foundation for deeper, more subtle meditative work. For more information please visit his website www.yogawell.co.uk



Comments from past students regarding the best features of the course:


The wealth of knowledge, passion and experience the tutors brought with them and shared freely. The way the group was encouraged to support each other and grow together, and opportunities to learn from each other.

I also thought the way the course integrated theory and practical teaching skills was excellent, the variety of topics covered was also excellent the depth of study into the classical texts as well as anatomical focus on postures and injury prevention.

The focus on individual personal development of practise as well as development of teaching skills was great with lots of opportunity to receive individual feedback rather than just being a number going through a course to pass it instead I feel I have really come away with better tools for evaluating my own teaching and am beginning to put these into practise to be able to share the teachings of Yoga more effectively with my students.


The variety of pranayama practices explored, including ratio breathing. The emphasis on the early yogic texts as sources of understanding and inspiration. The quality of the diploma teachers knowledge and practice

I would like to see the following changes:

I think it would be hard to improve this course which I felt was well taught, well supported and well resourced.


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