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Take a little time out to stretch you mind and body by coming along to one of my workshops. I run them all over the country and I may be doing something near you so check out what’s on by referring to this page and the upcoming events at the bottom.

The workshops are CPD  days for BWY teachers and members and also general workshops for everyone.


Here is a list of all the upcoming workshops I will be running in 2020 and 2021. Some of the workshops are CPD days for BWY teachers and members and others for everyone. Anyone can become a BWY member. It costs little to join and you get a free SPECTRUM magazine four times a year too.

The following workshops will be running online until the regulations around yoga teaching change.
Please contact the organiser for more information on how to join.

Strengthening Immunity with Yoga and Ayurveda

Date- Saturday September 25th 2021


Cost- £60.00

Location- ~Online

Seventy percent of our immune system is in our gut and over time, our gut walls get shaky, form holes, that let in more and more trouble makers. We call that leaky gut. Gut problems lead to all other health problems and we are at a complete loss when a bigger viral threat smells us out.

Ayurveda goes to great pains to explore this issue. Our body is the home of our soul and the food on our table is its fuel. It behoves us to understand these links and take responsibility and stop inviting the monster in.

On Sept 25th, I will be running a one day workshop online to explore the critical issue of immunity. Yoga, Ayurveda and nutritional therapy has so much to contribute that no one can afford to ignore it any longer. Our immune system is ultimately all we’ve got. Without it, we are just fodder for the stronger and fitter. We really need to understand this point and start taking responsibility for our own wellbeing.


In this online workshop, we will cover-

1. The main aspects of our immune system
2. Ayurvedic immunity- What it means and how it works
3. How to use Yoga for optimising our immune system
4. The importance of nutrition and cleansing
5. Immunity and the Mind

The day will include discussion, asana, breathing and relaxation practices and tapping on marma points.

If you are interested in finding out more

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