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I run annual retreats in Devon on Yoga and Ayurveda. The retreats are themed around Living Authentically and are a blend of Yoga, Ayurveda and Psychotherapeutic techniques.

The retreats include:

I run the retreats with Anne Ashton, a qualified and experienced therapist and life coach.


Kindling the Spirit 

JUNE 29TH to JULY 2nd 2017

Sharpham House, Devon

Early Bird till Dec 27th 2016 £369 (then it goes up to £419)

Following on from the huge success of our retreat in 2015, we are putting together an exciting new programme that will change the way you act in the world forever.

The word “Jiva” in Yoga means life or alive and it mentioned in the ancient Indian epic the Mahabharata and others. There are different levels of aliveness according to our spiritual awareness. The aliveness that most concerns Ayurveda is first and foremost the aliveness of the body. A healthy vital body is able to support and ultimately mirrors the aliveness of the spirit.

 The ancients used to worship Agni, the God of Fire as a representation of the fire of life that drives each and every one of our cells. The whole framework of Ayurveda revolves around supporting and enabling this cellular fire so that we can create enough vitality to fulfill our purpose in life. Without strong vitality, we are weighed down by the pain and suffering that comes from a sick body and mind.

This retreat is an opportunity to learn about how to kindle your metabolic fire or Agni and how to clear toxins that prevent your Agni from functioning properly. There are many techniques in Yoga and Ayurveda that you can incorporate into your daily and seasonal routines to help keep your body strong.

Many people achieve physical wellness but remain emotionally sick. Without looking at the limiting beliefs that underpin your life, you can never feel fully alive. An unhealthy emotional life is arguably more damaging than an unhealthy physical one so it is important to look at key aspects of your life and addressing the key issues that are preventing you from living a more fulfilled and purposeful life that is more authentic.

 Join us for an exciting blend of Yoga, Ayurveda, Psychotherapy and NLP techniques, to help gain more mental clarity, emotional wellbeing and physical vitality.

To find out more about Anne Ashton, please visit

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Here are some testimonials from our last retreat:

“The retreat met all my expectations. Anne and Tarik were very knowledgeable about the subjects and made a very good team. The delivery was interesting, motivating and very engaging. I was very inspired and came away with new tools that will enhance my mental and physical well-being. The whole experience from start to finish was wonderful”

“I very much enjoyed the whole experience and feel more equiped to meet my new goal. More positive, inspired and relaxed”

“What a wonderful, enlightening surpise this weekend was. I would definitely revisit this course again”

“Great information, Great experience. Great people. A fantastic experience.”

“I’ve gained new insight into myself that gives me a direction of travel for change. Lots of ideas to work on and tools to do that”.

“Absolutely brilliant”


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