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BWYQ Certificate in Teaching Yoga (RQF) Level 4

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British Wheel of Yoga Certificate in Yoga Teaching

Our 14 month training programme covers the foundations of Yoga teaching skills to prepare students in all the important skills required to become a safe and competent teacher.

The BWYQ Certificate in Yoga Teaching is designed to meet the needs of aspiring Yoga teachers who need the basic skills to start running general classes for the public at large. You will learn all the essential skills like:

Course planning and Lesson planning

Fundamental principles of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Ayurveda

Deep asana analysis of kinesiology, risks, modifications and benefits of postures

Legal, professional and marketing aspects

Robust training in Live and Online teaching of asana, breathing practices and relaxation


The Certificate programme is designed to meet the needs of aspiring Yoga teachers with foundational skills to start running general classes for the public at large. You will learn comprehensive, essential skills such as:

  • Course and lesson planning
  • Teaching asana, breathing and relaxation
  • Understanding vulnerable areas and how to adjust and modify
  • Analysing asana fully, including their relation to anatomy and kinesiology as applied to yoga teaching
  • Legal and professional considerations in teaching and marketing yourself online
  • Foundations of Yoga and Ayurveda philosophy
  • Teaching onlineThis programme which is as much about your personal development as it is about becoming a teacher, references Ayurveda where relevant. We will touch on the fundamental principles and how to apply them to yoga teaching.If you are not already aware of the basic tenets of Ayurveda, you can gain this foundation by attending the BWY accredited Ayurveda in Action Online Programme. This extra training is not compulsory, but it deepens the spiritual elements of yoga practice and adds layers to your teaching.For further information, click on the link above.


    At the BWY we believe that you learn best by doing and you will start teaching very early in the course. The beauty of BWYQ Teacher Training courses is that you are insured to teach from Day 1 as a Student Teacher (on condition that you have a current Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate, attainable in a day).

    Our priority is to train you to teach Yoga not merely to practise it. You will learn how to teach live classes as well as online.

    All practical work has a teaching focus of some kind. If you are considering a course for personal development purposes only, you might consider a BWY Foundation Course or one of the BWY specialised Modules instead.



    Blended learning is a balanced approach that ultimately enhances and embeds learning for all.

    A portion of the programme will be delivered online. Depending on Public Health England regulations, fourteen days will be delivered via the Zoom platform with lectures recorded. This allows you to save on travel expenses yet continue to develop your skills and knowledge in the comfort of your own home with the opportunity to listen back on lectures as many times as you need to. Many areas of the course are more effectively delivered online including:

    • Role and responsibilities of a yoga teacher
    • Principles and practice of teaching
    • Asana analysis
    • Yoga and Ayurveda philosophy
    • Course and lesson planning
    • Understanding the stress response

Students are expected to have an understanding of anatomy and physiology at Level 3 via the BWY Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga Teachers online course or equivalent.


Ideally, you will also have done a few years of Yoga and a BWY Foundation course or similar and be able to commit to hard work for the duration of the course.

The course is fully recognised and regulated by OFQUAL at level 4.

Next course

The next course is scheduled to run in Autumn 2022 as a blended programme. There will be 10 live training days in central Brighton and 16 Online training days via the Zoom platform.

Here is some feedback from past students:
“The tutors delivered the course in a professional and interesting way. I have learned a lot!” Adriana
“I really appreciated the emphasis on safety and kindness.” Adriana M
“I’m not sure what I would change. My experience of the training was excellent!” Amanda
“The best feature fo the course is that we are allowed to start teaching from the start of the course (after completing our Emergency First Aid training which only took a day!) This gave me the opportunity to gain teaching experience throughout the course. I also liked the fact that we were constantly being assessed in class in small tasks which gave me the opportunity to continuously learn and grow.” Anu
If you are interested in finding out more or looking to receive a student pack
Click here to download a Student pack for the BWYQ Certificate in Yoga Teaching (RQF) Level 4

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